Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Auntie Jenn is going to be 30!

Jenn is going to be 30 on Sunday. I was waiting to post these until then, but remember we are going to be away. So happy early birthday Auntie Jenn from Kellen! We're sorry you have to work on your birthday, but hope you have a good day! Here are some pictures from the BBQ that we had in honor of Jenn!
Kellen sure loves his Great-Grandpa. It was so nice that Grandpa and Ruby could come!
The guys had a rowdy game of football with the kids. Amazingly there were no injuries to my knowledge. Except for Uncle Tim being bitten by Nolan. As Ian said though, he understood Nolan perfectly. What else do you do when you are 2 and see everyone playing aggressively? You use you limited abilities!
Here's Grandpa with his great-grand kids that were there!


J'nea said...

I love the pic of GRandpa and all the great grankids. It will be fun when we can get a pic of him with all 12 of his great grandkids.

Angela said...

Your grandpa looks like such a pro with all those kids around him and two in his lap! What a blessing. Congratulations to Jenn, you look great!

Jason & Nicole said...

Hi Janet,
This is Nicole (Lewis) from Australia. I found your is great to catch up through the blog world! You can check out our blog at
Jason and I have been living in Memphis, TN for about 4 years now...we love it here but will leave in about 18 months for Australia....anyways...come visit our blog! Congrats on the birth of your son!

Kristi said...

Hi Guys,
It is great to see your blog. Your little boy is so cute. Congrats to
Jenn on turning 30! John just turned 30 this month too. Take care! Our family blog is

Kristi Crook