Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend Away

Our weekend to Saskatoon was wonderful yet frustrating and disappointing. Here's the not so good points of the weekend first:

1. Missed the second half of Taming of the Shrew at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan because Kellen was screaming at the Wallace's and not taking a bottle (as I suspected, although I had held on to the hope that he would give in and take it). Though I don't know if he was really hungry. Jenn and John seemed to think it was panic when he realized mom & dad were not there. The instant smile when he saw me would suggest they were right.

2. It rained and was cold so the weather cancelled our BBQ at the park plans.

3. Kellen is definately teething and continued his incredibly unsettled behavior that began earlier in the week. The teething tablets DO NOT work.

4. Kellen cried most of saturday morning, which was suppose to be a relaxing girls morning out with Jenn and Pella...brunch at Calories, farmer's market, scrapbooking store, Parables, and Jysk. Ahh, wonderful plans, but the crying just didn't let me enjoy a moment of it and we gave up.

But, I've saved the best highlights for last (and there are way more of the good than the bad):

1. The first half of the Taming of the Shrew was delighfully funny and worth the money on its own. Now I have reason to read to find out what happens!

2. I learned it doesn't matter if it rains (or baby cries) when you are with good friends! I had such a good time catching up with Jenn and Pella. Good friends are treasures.

3. Many people were delighted with Kellen and were happy to entertain him. Despite the crying periods, he actually did quite well. He slept really good at nights. I was able to remember that teething will only last for so long.

4. I did get lots of scrapbooking ideas at the store and am so excited to get busy on Kellen's pictures! I got tons of great paper at Costco for cheap. Pella & Brad gave some fun scrapbooking supplies that have inspired me to have some fun!

5. Ian & I grabbed some coffee at the Broadway Roastery after we returned to the Wallace's and got Kellen to sleep. (He was instantly cured of his panic and tears when he saw mom and settled amazingly quickly). How fun it was to feel like it was pre-baby, pre-marriage times in Saskatoon again at moments like that! And I think I learned a lasting lesson...that the free-spirited times and humor can be there in greater abundance! (Reminder: Relax, Janet)

6. It was great to visit the Saskatoon church again and see so many wonderful people.

7. I found a good deal on a food processor. I can now make my favorite carrot muffins anytime without dreading the hand grating and the mess. (oh, the little things that make me happy)

8. I didn't lose my camera after being sure I had.

9. I had some travel time to get into some great books.

10. I know there are so many more. I feel so refreshed, and want to hang on to that feeling, so I'd better go get to bed...


Craig & Leah in Korea said...

How cool that you felt the pre-marriage/baby times together in S'toon. I'm sure it's hard to get in Ian and Janet time, but they are the only reason that sweet Kellen is around! Enjoy the times you get together!


jenn with two n's said...

I'm so glad that you did come and that you stayed with us. Since the day of his arrival I've known that Kellen is precious--but I got first-hand knowledge. That was the best! And yes I loved catching up with you and Ian. It was special. Sometimes our plans don't turn out the way we envision but I'm glad we had this weekend!