Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Sleeping Blanket

Kellen sleeps best with this blanket. If he's crying and won't sleep, the blanket brings a smile to his face and soon sweet sleep. I think its funny that he usually scrunches it up in a ball on his face. I can pull it off and next time I check on him, its on his face again. I guess I don't understand comfort.

Sleep has been more of an issue lately. He didn't cry too much in his crib before he would fall asleep. But lately he cries for long enough that I finally give in. I wonder if its because a tooth is really trying to come through. I can feel it pushing through and know it can't feel good. A friend told me about some little dissolvable tablets that worked wonderfully for her daughter. So, we stopped at the health food store today and picked some up. I'll let other moms know what they are if I decide they are worth recommending...

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