Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend pics

I love this picture and am naming it the Calm Before the Storm. Seems appropriate with baby on the way and the rain/hail storm that hit minutes later!
Here's Dad and babe at the Fringe. Yeah, we were out a little late for Kellen.
After the Saturday morning adventure with teething Kellen, we left him sleeping at the Wallace's with Ian, and headed to the scrapbooking store. When Ian called and Kellen was wailing in the background...back we went. But, there was no need to rush. Ian had Kellen happily examining the gun cleaning kit with him by the time we arrived!


pella said...

Hey, you got the "links" working! That's awesome! We had such a fun weekend with y'all. Thanks for coming up and sharing your time with us.

Angela said...

Thanks for the great picture of my sis and her hubby. I just stole it off your post! I love computers sometimes. Glad you had a fun weekend. Wish I could have been there ;(

Eric said...

He was teaching Kellan how to clean a gun?

Perhaps they will go hunting next weekend.

J'nea said...

Jenn your getting huge. AN 11 pound baby perhaps LOL.

Kristi said...

The pictures are great! Glad to find your blog! You baby is so cute! Good to see pictures of Jennifer again!
Take care!

Kristi Crook

Paul & Crystal Quilliams said...

That's a boy Ian...raising Kellen the way Grandpa Pete would, he'd be so proud of you!!! How does Janet feel about this???
Glad to finally have a link to your blog. It's a great way to keep in touch. Crystal & Family