Saturday, August 05, 2006

There's a Spider on the Floor

Kellen has a book called Spider on the Floor. As I started reading it, I realized a tune was starting to come. Sure enough its a Raffi song. I never would have imagined I'd remember something like that from my childhood. But the memory of the Raffi record (yes, I said record) came flying back. Along with it, I pictured the big old record player/stereo thing in our "harvest gold" colored living room. It's amazing how the memory works.

It seems like Kellen enjoys his books. Mostly it seems still just to chew on them, but hopefully he'll enjoy reading. This picture does look like he is quite interested though!


J'nea said...

He looks so intelligent! Well that is probably because he is!

Angela said...

all our board books are lovingly chewed, ok, some not so lovingly. Some are even ripped apart (yes board books can be taken apart). I'm glad Dominique got a couple of new ones.

Craig & Leah in Korea said...

I have the CD of Raffi cause I couldn't get those childhood songs out of my head! it's the best album we own! Yeay for Raffi!