Tuesday, November 06, 2007

As requested...Kathy's Wedding

The bride and groom looked great...I'm sorry I didn't take a better picture than this. I hardly took any actually. I was thoroughly enjoying the day and plan to get GOOD pics their photographer. The wedding was magical, as Jenn said...I may as well just direct you there for a good summary and better pictures.
While Ian & I were dancing with Kellen, Andrea got some of the evening fun recorded for me...

Doesn't Jeff look like he's having fun!

The kids were the real dancing maniacs of the night.


Anonymous said...

the look on Tim's face is so funny- I think he's about to break into a Patrick Swayze move!!

Sarina said...

Janet - I love the picture of Tim and I dancing! I'll have to get him out on the dance floor more often : ) All the pics from Kathy's wedding are great - thanks for sharing!