Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Deceptively Delicious

Here's the book I've had my nose into a lot lately. I don't often get obsessed with a cookbook, but I've been getting lots of new ideas...for our own house and for promoting healthy eating to the daycares and schools I work with.

I haven't actually followed one of her recipes completely yet. But I've been altering a lot of my favorites with her good common sense ideas. I have lots of pureed squash in the freezer now. I've added some to a pasta dish and to a chili. No one would have ever known. I see more than a nutritional benefit here, since we have more squash from our garden than I care to eat. Maybe we won't have to throw any out next spring.

Since cauliflower was on sale the other day, I bought 3 heads. So here's what's going on in my kitchen as I type... I think my steamer will be getting lots of use while I try out more of these ideas. Tomorrow morning will be scrambled eggs with hidden cauliflower puree. I guess this was one on Oprah that everyone loved. Kellen actually would eat cauliflower no problem, but I wouldn't eat it for breakfast. So, I guess this isn't really just a solution for kids to eat healthier. And, I see how it could save on food costs.
Anyhow, that's enough about my latest obsession. So far, I highly recommend this book. I'm looking forward to trying the homemade ranch dressing made with pureed white beans - I'd love to see this one in daycares if it's good, since I see kids licking it off their carrots. So far, I highly recommend it, but perhaps I should save that statement until I actually try a few of her recipes! Better go get the cauliflower pureed and in the freezer so I can get to bed.
Anyone else tried any of her ideas?


Anonymous said...

I actually saw the Oprah show with Jessica Seinfeld promoting this book. I thought it seemed like such a good idea too! I've been thinking about buying the book too for myself! I'm awful about eating vegetables as much as I should. You'll have to let me know how your recipes turn out!

Stephanie Goertzen

melissa said...

I saw that Oprah. Let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. I love that God has put such friends as you in my life to remind me of taking the extra step to giving my family what they need! What beautiful pics of the wedding. Both your sisters look gorgeous along with you! I miss you so much. I pray for your family often...and think of your belly lots! love, sarah c

crystal said...

I also so this episode on Oprah. I thought it was well thought of and it seemed that everything the audience tried they truly liked. I have been looking for the book but I think I'll have to go to Regina to pick one up or may need to order on line. Let me know how it goes and what are your family favorites. Crystal