Sunday, November 18, 2007

Boring Household Update

  • I have taken no pictures recently, so you are stuck with a boring update...
  • Ian's getting ready to go moose hunting for the week. That means the happiness level is pretty high in our house.
  • Kellen is making up for his lack of eating during the week and a half of battling a stomach flu. He is eating everything is sight and constantly asking for more. He must be gathering stores for a big growth spurt. He is even eating meat really well, which makes his mommy very happy.
  • After 3 weeks, we finally have our car back. I was getting worried I would be without transportation for the week of moose hunting. Being a one vehicle family was a real pain when public transit is non-existant. On a happy note the bill was much less than we had prepared ourselves for. On a sad note, it's not completely fixed as it still needs a $1000 part. However, happy note - the mechanic is looking for a used part for us, perhaps at the more reasonable cost of $300. Cross our fingers.
  • Baby girl is growing more active all the time and will be joining us in only about 11 weeks.
  • I am tired all the time. I pretty much go to bed at 8:30 or 9 these days. I seem to barely keep up with meals, house, work, and Kellen. I can't imagine having much else going on in my life. I am already looking forward to not being pregnant anymore.
  • A highlight of my week was probably taking Kellen to preschool gym night. Fun to be out with other families and see Kellen have so much fun. (Plus he goes to bed so good when we get home!)
  • Also fun was Kids Cooking Club at a school I work with (even though I confess I hoped it would get cancelled cause I was so tired). I had 3 super fun boys in my group that made me laugh. They were pretty excited to crack eggs! Working with kids always gives me the most hope.
  • My boys are both taking naps, so I should get to what I came down here to do...go on a scrapbooking frenzy.


TKP from Estevan said...

What was wrong with the car? Just curious.

PS. Bill is excited about the hunting trip too - mentioned it as "a thing to be thankful for" at our prayer night tonight. He is excited about spending time with Ian - it was funny!

Janet said...

You're asking the wrong person about the car. Here's my version. Something was broken in the EGR(whatever that is). So leaking air could be heard and the faint smell of exhaust was in the car. I avoided driving it. So that is fixed, after VW sent the wrong part twice (was the mechanics story I think). Leaking air is still heard however and performance is still not optimal. Now it apparently needs a new...whatchamacallit. I forget. Some type of cooler. Ask Ian sometime if you really want to know.

That is very fun that Bill metioned the hunting trip at prayer night. Ian made several references to it also during our church/bible study this morning! I will enjoy the hunting talk reprieve for the week and will prepare myself for a fresh avalanche of hunting stories when he returns.