Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Scary Month

I've survived October! At the beginning of the month I felt completely overwhelmed everytime I looked at my calendar. It was full and ugly. I tried to think about it in short blocks of time. Kellen did his best to end the "interesting" month in an "interesting"way. He added to the Halloween decorating on the sidewalk of a neighbors house...with his supper (chunks of spaghetti!) I felt bad that it happened at Val's, yet better there than other places since she's got a great sense of humor and we laughed about it! He had thrown up once at the sitters earlier...and the flu had been going around there...but, he seemed fine and ate a big supper so I thought maybe he'd escaped getting really sick. I learned my lesson anyhow. I spent the rest of the night carrying a very lethargic boy between the couch and the busy door. I was glad Ian got to come home last night. He even cleaned up the accident on couch that I didn't quite catch in time. I was suppose to be doing 3 cooking classes today, but I cancelled 2 and the other one is being taken care of by the other dietitians (I'm so glad we have 3 dietitians at work!) I felt bad about cancelling, but Kellen's still not himself this morning. He wouldn't go back to sleep when he woke up at 5, he whined at me all morning, and he brought his blanket to me and 9:30 and fell asleep in my arms - I don't ever remember him doing that! Now that he's sleeping I'm enjoying getting caught up on things...and getting ready to go to Moose Jaw tomorrow for Kathy & Joe's wedding! So enough blogging for now... Hope you had a Happy Halloween!
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pella said...

ahhh - he looks just like superman!

Laurie said...


Sorry to hear he got sick....that's tough. I hope this weekend goes well for all of you!

Anonymous said...

I love Superman!!!
Love, Auntie Andrea

Ian said...

Did you make the Superman costume yourself? It looks great.

Anonymous said...

Hey post pictures from Kathy's wedding!