Thursday, February 12, 2009

Community Shared Agriculture

Would you like an alternative to the commercialized food distribution system? Would you like to know where your meat and vegetables come from, how they were grown, and treated? Organic vegetables? Tastier, fresher food? If you don't care, you can stop reading now.

Still reading? The farmers name is Keith Neu and the farm is the Etomami Community Organic Farm at Hudson Bay, SK. Deliveries are made to Regina and Saskatoon once a month year round (twice a month during the fresh produce months). Members receive garden produce (fresh and frozen), beef, chicken, eggs... You can sign up for what you want and how much you want. Except for specifics of the garden produce. Everyone gets the same share.

He had a trial year, then year 1 was 2008, and he is now heading into year 2 and is taking more members. I'm joining. I attended the information meeting and potluck last weekend. It was the best potluck I have ever been a part of. It was obviously a group of people that care about good food. I am excited to be a part of this project because it is going to grow and thrive. Keith has great vision and ideas for expansion.

From his brochure:

Our food supply is being increasingly threatened by globalization of
agriculture, the primary purpose of which is to provide profit for the
agricultural corporations and their investors. The needs of conusmers for
healthy affordable food, and the needs of farmers and their families to make a
viable living are not part of the corporate equation...Finally, people's needs
for community and for connection the the land are completely ignored by the
processed food industry.

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) restores the connection between people
and their food source. It reduces shipping costs and storage waste because
food production is relatively close to its consumers and the food is fresh and
healthy. Alternatives to CSA, such as direct farm sales or farmers'
markets, do not give the farmer the benefit of guaranteed income from year
to year, and require more time spent in sales. Nor do they invite
participation in the operation of the farm.

Empower yourself and support your community. Get involved with

Interested? I'll happily pass along more info. I'll email the contract/order form. Think about and email me - Current members seem very satisfied and say you'll be surprised by how much better things taste.

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J'nea said...

If I was still in Regina I would definetly sign up for it!