Saturday, February 28, 2009


I usually have something I want to share when I hit "new post". Not so tonight. So you will get some of my crazy randomness. Including the random picture of Lanelle post-bath.

I am enjoying being up late in the quiet house. I have every night this week. And I'm getting very tired, but don't want to give in. I'm excited about life and enjoy being awake too much. About what in my life, you ask? Everything and anything. My job, people I meet, another fun cooking class, quality time with the kids, feeling like there's way more balance in my life than I expected (maybe its even the harmony I've wanted), my new Big Shot (you'll have to guess what that is), organizing all the tax papers, cleaning up the kids toys, even laundry... So I know life must be good. The only thing that would be better, is if I had more time for the things I've been enjoying.

Kellen has been saying lots of funny things lately. One that has really stuck with me was after I had told Ian with a crazy look on my face "I could use some Mommy time." A couple of minutes later, Kellen came to me and said "I need some Kellen time." Hmm...what would that look like? Not much different than every minute of his life. It makes me laugh everytime I think about it.

I must be tired, because as I sat here (I was watching Flashpoint online) folding laundry I was wishing I had some socks since its rather cool in the basement. But, didn't feel like going upstairs to my sock drawer. I would be embarrased to admit how many pairs of socks I folded before realizing I didn't have to have cold feet or go upstairs to get socks. Sometimes I'm not sure about myself... My only defense - I was kind of on auto-pilot as I was watching and folding.

I had a REALLY good time at Ladies Retreat last weekend. Perhaps that is why I'm feeling pretty relaxed about life. The theme was Live, Laugh, Love. I have felt inspired to do more of just that. Then there is no room for Worry, Complain, Grouch.

Lanelle has had a very bad rash. I finally took her to the doctor and was told its an allergic reaction. I sure wish I knew to what. It's spreading now and I really wish I knew how to stop it. I did buy some different laundry detergent. Same stuff I used when she was a babybaby. I hope its that simple. It is only under her shirt and pant area so far, so maybe...

Congrats to Pella and Brad on the arrival of baby! I would love to just drive up to Saskatoon.

I am going to a Traditional Parenting/Moss bag making workshop this week. I think it will be very cool. I'm kind of looking forward to going away (I am taking Lanelle) but am also feeling badly about leaving the boys on their own.

I am so thankful I'm feeling so blessed and not overwhelmed in the craziness of life. Very much I believe that God is good and that good things are happening. Not just in my life. I seem to see it all around me lately. I hope you do too.


jenn with two n's said...

Good to hear your thoughts and see Lanelle laughing like that! Sometimes you just have to love the craziness. Love to you and yours.

Davis Family said...

Love this post. Nice thoughts Janet!

Jill Slywka said...

Thanks Janet! :)
I enjoy reading about your family too! It was nice to see your dad and Tim. I'm enjoying living close enough to home that I still see people that I know. Ontario is a little far for that!
Take care!