Friday, February 13, 2009

New Routines

So, its been 2 weeks and we have found our new routine amazingly quickly, well, and smoothly. The first week was well organized, the second not so much. However, I think that is part of our life now. Learning how to get through some weeks that will be disorganized and messy, especially after a busy weekend. Making the most of the time with kids and not worrying too much about the mess. Still doing things we like. X-country skiing a little, preschool gym night, the Stampin Up club... That feels good, cause I thought I might not make time for other things.

Now I have a four day weekend to get organized for the next few weeks. Today is Indian Goverment Day. We get a few extra holidays at the tribal council. Very nice.

I'm heading to the laundry room (you wouldn't believe the pile there, yikes.) Thanks to those who have prayed for us during our adjusting time. I know people have.

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