Sunday, February 01, 2009

Start Buttons

The start buttons in my life have begun to make me feel like there is a theme I'm suppose to pay attention to. When we moved into the new house, the stove here has a start button. Not hard to use. Push it after you set the temperature. Except on my old oven there was no such button, I just had to set the temperature and it knew what to do. I quit counting the number of times I went to put something in the oven and found it still cold. It made me so mad. Mostly at myself, I mean, really, how hard is it to remember?! We had to replace the dishwasher. It died on us at the beginning of December and we found enough self-control to wait until last weekend to replace it. Kind of a going back to work present. We LOVE having one again. Of course, this one has a start button. Which I can't seem to remember to press. Shouldn't the dishwasher just know to go ahead and start after I press normal cycle!? Although not exactly the start button issue, I had a similar problem with my washer. The laundry in this house is hidden in a corner of the basement instead of pretty much in my kitchen at the old house. So, after I added the soap and turned around to put it in the cupboard I kept walking away without putting the lid down and I didn't notice until I'd come back to put it in the dryer. Sounds really stupid, I know. But I did it like 25 times before I finally was able to break the habit.

So, I think I'm suppose to learn something. I think I have a lot of good intentions and even get prepared to do things, but then never follow all the way through with things. Like, I actually came down here to sort through and file the pile of papers and bills on top of the filing box. But, here I am writing instead. I made of list of things I would like to do before I went back to work and thought about how to accomplish some of them. But, they are definately not all going to get done now. I made a list of things I would like to get for the sitter to put in a nice basket for her, just to say thanks, let her know how happy I am to have her taking care of my kids, and to start off on the right foot. But, I'm I actually going to go shopping and put it together this afternoon?

I'm going to try harder to follow through. So, here I go to file and to go shopping. Maybe if I learn the lesson well, I'll be released from my issue with start buttons? Ha, not likely...

Update: Gift bag ready and delivered this a.m. Good start on the paper pile. Good feelings carried over into work today and I found myself doing things immediately instead of filing into to-do piles. AND I remembered to push the start button on the dishwasher tonight. AND I remembered to push the start button on the oven (I was making cookies tonight - I was so hungry all day today). Things feel great and it was fantastic to be back at work today. Loved it.

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Stephanie said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that often forgets to put down the lid on the washing machine! It is so frustrating to come back to a pile of clothes sitting in water! I, however, have not broken the habit! :)

I'll pray everything goes well with you as you go back to work.