Monday, February 28, 2011

Kellen is 5!

Dear Kellen,
You are 5 already! You are growing so quickly it is hard for me to believe. You have waited impatiently for this birthday. You've been asking about it and planning for it since your last birthday. I offered that we could invite cousin Nolan for your birthday weekend instead of a birthday party. Somehow we have ended up having both for you!! You don't forget about things that you really want!

You are interested in most things that Dad is. You talk lots about hunting, bows, guns. You also are obsessed with transformers and Star Wars lego. Your friends are very important to you and you always insist that you need a playmate. You do play really well with your sister also. Lanelle listens to you when you tell her what to do when playing transformers or guns - she loves you so much! You are sweet with her when she gets hurt and give her hugs and kisses.

Sometimes you don't listen well. I guess its hard when you have so many of your own ideas, which you always seem to be full of! But, when it comes down to it, you are really good and listen quite well (even though some incentives have to be stated - like no bedtime stories or no computer time!) You are learning to think of others and their feelings more often, but sometimes it takes lots of direction. I love when I see you be kind to someone else!

I made your favorite breakfast, pumpkin pancakes, for your birthday! You said it was the best birthday ever. Having your cousins was super exciting!
The day after your birthday, you had your friends over for a party. You had said you wanted a firetruck cake - again! But, you were easily persuaded otherwise when I suggested a moose! Luckily Auntie Jenn gave you an animal cookie cutter set, which included a moose and squirrel, so my job was made a lot easier!

Kyle, Carsen, Ben, Ivan, Jake and Logan!! You were so excited for your friends to come and you all played so nicely! I was glad you liked my games and thought it was fun you had some of your own ideas about the party. You suggested the "Who Am I" game and you wanted to play spin the bottle to decide whose present you would open.
What a great birthday you had! We love you so much!


Angela said...

I love LOVE your birthday letters to your kids. It's so fun to hear all about them and what a treasure for them for always!

jenn with two n's said...

Happy belated birthday Kellen! Amazing that you are 5.