Sunday, February 13, 2011

Precious Moments

I really love watching Kellen be a big brother to baby Neve. He is so gentle and concerned. He is really interested in her and asks lots of questions. One topic of interest is what the baby's voice will be like. He often mentions wanting to know her voice.

I captured this moment of finding him reading a transfomer book to her and explaining who's who.
Cuddling Neve or looking at her sweet face usually gives me perspective at how precious this time is (even though I can't seem to get much accomplished and sometimes get frustrated trying to deal with the needs of 3 demanding kids at once!) Watching Kellen "take care of" his sister also reminds me to take notice of these precious moments. I look forward to knowing her voice too, but I am really enjoying this little babe and don't want time to go too quickly.
photo by Kellen

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