Thursday, February 17, 2011

i like friends.

I usually try to keep just family pics up here. I feel like I don't have permission to put others pictures and stories out there, but I was struck again by this moment when I was sorting pictures and can't resist sharing.

I love good friends. Where would I be without? I would hate to imagine. I love people who think of others. I was thrilled when a wonderful friend brought over her children and some "jewels" (frozen ice cubes with food coloring) to have a backyard jewel hunt with my kids. It was great for them to get outside and have playmates. It was great for me to know we were thought of during this time of adjustment. I know how great acts of kindness feel when they come our way. I would like to be more thoughtful (and creative) in showing acts of kindness to friends. Thanks Holly!


Davis Family said...

That is an awesome idea. I may steal it! So cool.

Sarina said...

I love that idea! What a fun winter activity for the kids.