Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lanelle's 3!

Dear Lanelle,

You are 3! You are growing up so quickly. You are so full of personality and always making us laugh. You are so independant and demanding - which I noted about you when you were turning 1. You love to play rough and tough play with your brother. Transformers, guns, and trucks. Lately you are expressing your girly side more - you've been wanting to wear skirts, playing dress up, and wanting to do ballet. You love to color, do puzzles, and make up imaginative stories that often involve your favority character - Toothless. You love to talk and to talk VERY loudly. You like to be heard! On your birthday, you chose your outfit after pulling out all your skirts looking for one that was long enough. You wouldn't let me do your hair though. You hate getting your hair brushed. I loved the poses you did for me:You picked out a sprinkle cake mix for your birthday. We mixed it up together and made this fun creation. You LOVE marshmallows and were so excited to help cut them up and make flowers.
You were so excited for your party. You wanted your cousins - Arwen, Ivan, Dominique, and Emora. You decided to put on your caterpillar costume while you were playing and did not want to take it off! You had so much fun and were so happy with your special day! We are so thankful for you and for each day of your life! It is so beautiful to watch you grow.


Angela said...

What gorgeous pics and comments! We were so glad to be a part and enjoy both getting to know your children better as well as the enrichment in friendship and love that they bring to all our lives. I'm thinking you should print off this post and slip it into your journal for Lanelle. It is full of love and insight on her that I'm sure she would treasure in years to come.

Davis Family said...

What a little treasure!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get my hands on the pattern you used for Lanelles shirt/dress.Where did you get it? She is so sweet. Can't wait to see you someday.And meet Neve.


Kristal said...

I love her outfit - good choice Lanelle! Only 3 and already a fashionista!