Monday, December 19, 2011


Where would you hide if you were a camera cord?

Isn't it wonderful to know you are just where you are suppose to be?

What has happened to this month of December?

Aren't friends who offer a helping hand the best?

Can't there be enough snow for some cross-country skiing already?

What happens when a kid swallows their tooth?

Is Christmas really only 6 sleeps away?

I'm not done buying gifts yet, am I?

Can a calm spirit make up for holiday unreadiness?

Will I ever get over this sleep deprivation?

Can I remember that memories are in the moments?

Can I just remember to be present for the moments?

Will any of our friends join our Jewel Hunt at the park for some holiday memories?

Is it weird that I got choked up the Christmas Concert when I sensed community togetherness?

Will I find lots of knitting moments?

Can I just close my eyes and go to sleep?

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