Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solstice Light

Those are my winter solstice candles.  Not a day we've thought much of or marked other years, but we are starting new traditions here.  I wanted to know more about what it means and how people celebrate or mark this event.  Interest proded with the hearing of knitted solstice sweaters for a mother's crew.  Wow, lots of history and cultural traditions around this time.  But, I simplify.  Find what meaning or truths winter solstice brings into my life.  So I tell the kids simply it is the shortest day of the year.  Now we can celebrate as the days will start getting longer from this point.

We've taken time for the usual seasonal traditions.  We laughed about the little tree Ian came home with.  Just being cheap.  Defending his choice as if he chose special for the kids so they could reach the top.  There was excitement over which decorations were remembered from last year.  I remembered the sesame street ones we had growing up, and knowing every year they were the most special. Hmm, I wonder if Mom still has those?

We got to pet the reindeer and chose a few crafts to do at the school's reindeer festival.  We were parents encountering our first of many Christmas concerts as we have entered the school world.

It was cute, letter songs and toque hokey pokeys.  It was a great night because we got to share it with family and friends.  And we crashed a party after, and there was pie, mmm.

But there was something about the night that we shared chili together around our table with just the candle light.  It was brought all together and made it all more special.  The light highlighting the little bit of green from the outdoors.  Brought in to remind that even at the darkest, cold days, life continues. 

Although the boy declared it weird to have a fire outside, it was just the right thing to do.  To be mesmerized by the dancing lights while we stayed close enjoying the warm. 

I read some people like to take time to mark the solstice with silence in the dark.  To honor the dark for what it is.  A quietening time before rebirth.  The laughing and fun that overwhelms the fire time makes me smile.  My eyes move to the garden sitting so still and the longing for spring came quickly.  The snow forms mountains over the herbs that remain.  I'm thankful for the summer we had, thankful for my silence-lacking season of life, moving to choosing soul quietness.
Thoughts move to the promise of hot chocolate, popcorn, and apples.  The kids declare this the absolute best day ever.  They perhaps think of it so for many reasons.  For me, I am just thankful for the time. For the marking.  For chosing to be still.  For chosing light. For traditions, because the days do change quickly and their shadows make them look so big.  The thoughts I try to bring of dark and light just mix together.  I don't need to share more with them, there will be time.  More concerts, more sharing, more soul quieting, more fun, more solstice marking times and changes.

I haven't been able to answer yes to the question.  You know, the one of readiness.  Things aren't ready for Christmas in my life.  But, after this, our best night, I am, because there is so much to celebrate.

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Sarina said...

Beautiful thoughts, beautiful pictures. What a great idea to celebrate the winter solstice! Your kids will have wonderful memories of that night.