Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh, dear.

I'm reminded tonight of how much we take for granted.  Safety while we travel.  Our life as it is.  Our time with each other.  While I am so thankful my dear friend and her family are all alive, my heart hurts for her.  My heart aches for a mother who can't be with her baby.  A baby now with a broken leg.  A mother who waits for surgery and has a long road ahead to recovery.  The worry for her own mother who has not yet woken up. 

It's late and I am just piddling around.  Not feeling soul settled at all.  Everything is not all right.  Yet there is nothing I can "do".  So, my wandering brings me here.  I pray for her and for blessings of peace and comfort. 

I am reminded to treasure our moments.  Life, and life as we know it, are fragile.  I'll do what I do here, I'll treasure moments.
 A great jewel hunt with friends and neighbours.
 A father's help
 Cousins together.
 Aunties and babies.
 Children & their Christmas excitement!
 Boys who believe there can never be too many Legos!
 Father and son farmers who love combines.
 Family togetherness.
 Silly meat loving girl.
 Crisp air and sun on the face.
 More jewel fun.
Proud builders.

So many little memories that fill my heart full.  So many moments where I know I smiled.

Counting happy moments doesn't feel right when I think of my friend.  I hear though that she is counting her blessings.  I know her journey is rough right now, so if you pray, will you say a prayer for her?

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