Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

The plan was to wake up and quickly get off for the Muirhead farm.  Ian was in a hurry to get there for the last day of bird hunting.  But, Kellen crawled into my bed with a complaint of being hot and his body hurting.  So, we change plans, only Daddy & Lanelle head out the door and the rest of us are having a quiet day at home.  That is, a day of movie watching for him with advil, and a clinging fussy teething baby on me.  This is my New Years Eve.  A couple of times Kellen has declared it the best day ever, because I made him an applesauce dessert with yogurt and cinnamon after a leftover chicken mustard sandwich and because we made a blueberry smoothie for snack.  And, he said cause it's special that its just us.

I also am enjoying the slow, quiet day.  Catching up on the laundry that seemed never ending, cause I hadn't seen the laundry room without at least a few piles of laundry.  I only have one more load to go, to be able to declare I'm laundry free, though it will likely only be for a few hours.  Getting the lucet cord done, finally, for Neve's wool pants that I made ages ago.  If I can get the few things on my priority cleaning list done and perhaps pull out the felting kit I purchased in PEI, I think my New Years Eve will be the best.  Does that make me pitiful?  Sometimes the way I crave solitude makes me feel, well, weird I guess.  I have to remind myself of the article I read a bit ago, which said moms with young children need the most time alone because of the craziness of the stage of life.  It really refreshes me, to have moments of solitude, so although it might be strange to be alone tonight, I'm going to just enjoy.

My feelings are a little mixed right now, as I feel so blessed, but heavy-hearted for others.  Almost guilt.  Why does Kristal have to bring in the new year in a hospital bed waiting for surgery and her infant son in a cast in another city, while she has to worry about her mom?  Why do first time new parents have to crash into confusion, worry, and sadness when their newborn baby has a stroke?  I am thankful for tonight, yet so aware of this fallen world we live in with pain and sadness.  Praying God blesses these 2 families with health and healing this New Year.

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