Friday, August 24, 2012

A Peaceful Friday

What a beautiful Friday here, as I am loving this home day.  What a crazy (but good, too!) day in the city.  The bad was losing my cool trying to be patient with a traffic jam in a parking lot.  45 minutes of life spent in utter frustration and left me with a rare headache, I got so mad.  Kids missed going to the Brave movie with Auntie.  I may have lost some years off my life I got so mad.  The good was some growing and talking for Kellen and I through that.  Yes, I gave him a lesson on how ugly a meltdown looks.  School shopping is pretty much done.  I shouldn't set in foot in a second hand store for awhile, because I really don't need any more baribocraft bowls, but I can't resist them.  My camera was cleaned up and settings were changed by the so incredibly helpful London Drugs employee, and I can't believe how much better it works.  I bit the bullet and got a Costco membership, and although that shopping trip kind of hurt, there are some things which we use often and can be costly that will last forever, such as olive oil, quinoa, pasta.  Anyhow, not that I need to share all that, but I kind of need to debrief after that day.  I was thankful the kids were at Auntie's a lot and she helped me debrief after the incident that was not really such a big deal, but was somehow a really big deal.  I know many people love their city, but its just not for me somehow it drives me crazy.  It would probably be different if I lived there, maybe I just try to do too much in one day.
I did really, truly enjoy flying a kite with the kids in the pasture and spending some time in my garden this morning.
 A forgotten green pepper plant has been doing very well.
 And it was just perfect for a breakfast burrito for lunch.  As I chopped my garden grown veggies, I thought about how soon it will be that I'll be scrambling my own freshly gathered eggs.
 Neve is having a great nap after the busy day and late night.  Lanelle is playing dinosaurs, of course.  Kellen is playing lego, of course.
 I am preparing to tackle the kitchen mess.  Hope you are enjoying a peaceful Friday.

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Moving forward Looking for the Joy! said...

We all have our parenting temper filled moment which we will always regret, but it is not so much the moment that counts but how you deal with it after that really counts.