Friday, August 10, 2012

Another week

Its been just another week here on the Back Forty.  Being asked at supper out with the ladies last night, how things are.  I say, just fine the summer is slipping away and the days are just disappearing and no we are not really feeling settled in.  There are still boxes in every room and curtains still waiting to be hung.  I hear myself and I know its time to sit and give thanks for the blessings, because these moments are doing more than just disappearing.  I remind myself today that we are living each moment.

Like picking apples from the apple tree we thought was not producing.  Kellen was crazy excited to report that the apple tree did in fact have some great big apples.
 I kept telling him to get down, that branch was not big enough for him.  But, he assured me it felt strong and he was able to reach those high up apples.

 So this morning we went around the long way by the apples and down the row of trees on the east side to go pick the wild raspberries we had found on the far west side of the property.  I remembered the previous lady of the house had told me there were buffaloberries down this row of trees that could make a nice jelly.  We definately will have to try it out, they look beautiful.

 The raspberry picking was amazing, but it the end a big disappointment produce-wise, although not memory-wise.  We battled bad mosquitos, a super grouchy 4 yr old, a 1 yr old screeching if she wasn't being constantly fed what I was trying to collect, while Kellen insisted on hauling "lumber" out of the bush instead of helping me.  I finally got about 2 cups and was dreaming about a precious jar of wild raspberry jam when they accidently ended upside down in the tall grass.  EEE-ouch!

We headed back to the house in the late morning, which had gotten super hot, with me carrying both girls and me laughing at my insanity.
 But a quick stop in the garden for snow peas and kohlrabi to add to a couple of the apples and our few raspberries I picked after the upset, and I was still overwhelmed with thankfulness for this place and what we have. (Aren't those BIG for wild raspberries?)
 The guy who wanted the hay has been cutting and we are loving that its easier to explore a little.  The girls really couldn't walk through the super tall grass.  (And I didn't much like to, when I couldn't see what I was going to step on.)

 I found this picture on the camera from a little sneaky photographer who grabbed the moment when mom wasn't around.  I am constantly finding Neve sitting on the table, its becoming one of her favorite places, yikes.  I liked realizing that house progress is being made when I see curtains and pictures :)

 There's been lemonade and apple chocolate chip goodness.
 There's been time away to visit family.

 The Midsummer Arts Festival enjoyed.

 And even a late night trip to the hospital with a high fever, in which I am thankful for antibiotics and for a girl who can really be so sweet and precious.

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