Saturday, August 18, 2012

Harvest Time

I had to pick up canning lids in town today to process more apples.  First place I stopped was all sold out, I grabbed the last 4 boxes at the next store.  "It's that time of year, these are going like crazy," I was told.  Made me smile to think of the harvest time of year and what all that has been meaning around our place.  Picking chokecherries today.  Making more apple juice with some crab apples.  It makes me happy not just for the food, but for the memories the kids will have of the excitement and energy and for these times working together.  I talked to my Dad on the phone tonight and got their harvest report.  Lentils done, finished canola tonight, a few days break until the durum will be ready.  Just hearing him talk about it gave me the warm harvest feelings from childhood. Memories of meals in the field and afternoon combine ride alongs.  I love this harvest season.

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