Friday, August 31, 2012

Quietness among Busyness

I don't think I'll ever find the right balance In life where the busyness doesn't feel overwhelming. All I've wanted is a whole day at home for awhile now, and it just seems its not meant to happen. It frustrates me so quickly when I let myself go there. So instead tonight I count the good things about all the busyness and remind myself it's all a blessing. And when I'm just thankful, the evening walk down the road with the girls is enough to refresh me. It was good to enjoy the lemonade stand experience today (what a dream come true for kellen!) And how fun to pick high bush cranberries at our friends and get messy (and the jelly declared delicious at breakfast this morning!) How beautiful to get to go out (all by myself!) and celebrate with Crystal and so many lovely ladies - I am so excited for her wedding tomorrow! Summer end is rapidly approaching so one last beach day with so many lovely friends was much loved by all of us! So many lovely moments to be thankful for!

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