Sunday, August 26, 2012


We haven't cooked one of our own yet. I am chicken, perhaps! Ha! The day wasn't too traumatic for me. I stayed busy on purpose, making apple crisp, canning juice, chokecherries, and applesauce. Those involved, I dare say seemed to enjoy it in an odd way. (true? Bill, Mary, Ian?)

Just thought I'd finally share my pictures of the day. I'm laying in bed listening to Kellen and his friend running wild having fun playing outside in the dark with flashlights and it's making me smile. The big boys are just finishing up an oil change in the garage. We enjoyed picking cucumbers at friends place after church, having other friends over for supper. Saturday i got to enjoy farmers market and knitting at the library in peace. Feeling blessed and sleepy, groggy. Smiling as I fall asleep.

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