Thursday, September 06, 2012

4 days to create a habit?

Despite my supportive husband laughing at me, telling me I would not succeed, I think I may have managed to create a habit. Even I doubted I could actually get up at 6am to get out the door for a walk. Now I can't imagine not doing it. Today, on the fourth morning walk I felt brave enough to believe I would continue this amazing start to my day. I may have to get some snowshoes ;). Today I was thankful to have found my trusty boots, which may not have been worn since my canoe tripping days. This morning as I walked my mind was filled with memories of rivers, paddling, campsites, canoe friends... And I was thankful for dry feet as I stepped in the door instead of my wet squishing runners.

Aren't I blessed with some amazing morning views around the edges of my 40 acres?!

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