Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Holiday Morning Walk

This holiday Monday found just Kellen, Neve and I at home.
We went for a morning walk.
As mama demanded
Though Kellen balked
But it didn't take long for all of us
to fall in love with the morning.
We stop to feed the dog
Neve insists on feeding him on the step
 Kellen led the way to the chickens
checking on their food and water
 and proceeding to "play" with them

 Neve loves to be right in there
Not concerned about sitting down
amongst the chickens
to get something out of her shoe
 but was not impressed when one pecked
at the shiny rivet on her pants
big brother to the rescue

 one of the rare moments she walked beside me
without fussing to be back in my arms

 we lost Kellen on the final stretch
while he collected caterpillars

 strutting down the lane
feeling happy and free
so thankful for sunny morning walks

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