Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday epiphany

It wasn't in church that it hit me (definately not - I was struggling with 8 rambunctious kids in children's church. Can I call in sick next week?) It was on pinterest, of course! When I saw a quote that my soul needed. Because it was time for a heart change, I was so weary of the struggle to shove down the frustrations. I don't get enough done in a day. There is never enough time for all the good things I would like to do, create, teach, grow, learn, cook, experience. Thats no epiphany. Neither is the fact that there never will be enough time. Time to change my thinking, I've known for awhile. But the how to of changing those ever present thoughts escaped me. Then I read the quote and I laughed at the obviousness of it all. Focus on the most important. No more "I wish" or "if only". Just like practicing eucharisteo and being present in the moment. Making a conscious choice to focus my heart and mind on the truly important moment that I am in. So overly simple, but so heart changing to truly accept this belief. Does this freeing thought in this simple sentence speak to you?

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