Friday, September 14, 2012

Us these crazy days (with a long winded crazy morning record)

These have seemed like crazy days.  Back to regular work routine.  Back to school routine.  Lots to be done these fall days.  Of course, such an enjoyable part of the garden season (especially when bringing in potatoes and squash and such that don't require hours of my work.  It's been fun to see Neve's excitement in it all.  She is so fun this girl, learning like crazy, saying new words everyday, and brings us so much joy.
 She insisted on carrying in a squash even though it was quite a struggle.  Even made it up the stairs.

Kellen's long hair disappeared the night before school, which he has been begging me to do all summer.  I really love it long, but try to remember its his choice :)  He was so happy, for the hair and for getting back to school, he just wants to be with friends and loves it soo much!
I like to hear what others do for back to school traditions, but wasn't sure what ours might be.  I think the big special breakfast is too overwhelming when we are trying to be on time for the first day.  Lanelle really wanted to make a cake, I had taken the day off work to take Kellen, so we did.  Delicious.  Since cake rare around here, it might be an extra special back to school tradition.  An apple chocolate cake, yum! (Nice pose, goofy Nell!)

He thought it was perfect!
He's been out collecting firewood with dad.

And the new fireplace has arrived.  Love it so much already!  We spent the first night around it, kind of enjoying it, but too distracted making the plans for how to finish it.  Ian's planning to start collecting rocks and doing it all himself.
And that is the quickest fall update ever, bringing us to this morning...Which I was so excited for , to just be at home.  Recover from a long week and a miserable cold.  But, I was woken by a crying boy, so sad that dad went to work without him.  Doh, on Fridays, he's suppose to take him into town for school!  I am tired,  I know, because I didn't even hear Ian get up.  Of course, with Ian getting ready to head off hunting tonight, he's only got room for one line of thought :) We recover and get on with getting ready.  I think I'll just quickly run him in and get back home, to enjoy more of this...

funny, happy girls playing and me enjoying getting things done.  But, we are rushing cause we are late (in part because of an exciting phone call from my brother about a new nephew!) and those flashing blue and red lights stop us.  We are so late that I take Kellen in to the office for a late slip.  We get visiting and finally get the forms we need to request Kellen to attend school out of our new school area, even though he is already there :P We just didn't mention to the school that we had moved.  Whoops.  We wander out to the car and I say its so close to library story time, why don't we go, since we are in town.  Okay, she says, so we get out the stroller and we will walk the couple of blocks, but we see a new friend that we met last week, so we stop in the playground and visit with the new to town mom.  Lanelle gets playing and doesn't want to leave.  So we are missing story time.  Well, I say, since we have to stroller and I feel like a little walk, lets go to the store and pick up a nightlight, since we've really been missing our hallway light that the chicken coop
inherited.  Back to the car with our purchase and on our way out of town.  Yes, I think, we only lost half the morning!  But, there's a good looking garage sale.  We stop, of course.  There's a toaster oven, a nice one, almost new and I've been wanting one.  So back across the street to the car to run to the bank.  A friend pops out of her house who had been away so we visit for a bit.  Would we like some cucumbers?  Yes, so Nell stays to pick some, while Neve and I run.  Into the bank and I run into Constable Muirhead (who we go to church with), who says, oh, I heard you had a bad morning.  Oh, for goodness sake, I think, this small town stuff is too much sometimes!  But, its good and we laugh and visit for a bit.  Back to pick up Nells and we meet my friends daughter in law who has been on a 2 month cross Canada honeymoon trip and we have fun visiting.  Get that toaster oven and run into a friend, saying some of us are going to park...Sheesh, I may never get home. Nell wants to go, I don't talk her out of it, but we see another garage sale while I drive and try to convince her to go home.  We stop and run into a couple more friends to visit with.  Still wants to go the park.  So we do, and its wonderful.  Make new friends, play with loved friends and catch up.  Finally on our way home and I laugh when I look at the clock.  We'll have a late lunch when we get home.  Quesedillas in the new toaster oven enjoyed with some freshly thrown together garden salsa and I think that morning just had a mind of its own, but its all okay :)  Oh, these crazy days!  I'm not the only one with crazy, mind-of-their-own kinda days, am I?

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Angela said...

heehee- glad we got to see you- be it ever so briefly! Yeah- after we saw you, we saw another garage sale and another.... I don't usually stop, but made several purchases today and got a houseful of happy peoples for my finds. So glad Kellen is loving school... I think we are getting to some solutions for our Dom, so that is good. Hope you have a great weekend!