Monday, September 24, 2012

Scenes from the chicken & dog saga

1. Driving up the lane, I'm listening to the rattle, rattle of the car that really needs some attention. And I see a brown chicken laying on the side of the road - um, what?! My eyes go to the chicken yard and I see the gate wide open and the dog in his glory, happily chasing my chickens. Oh, the panic! Pull the brake. Turn the key off. Fly out of the door, leaving it open, I'm on the run. Oh, please, I hope I don't find a pile of bloodied chickens. I'm not sure if I'm more upset about what I will find, or that Ian is away and I'm going to have to deal with this myself.

2. Kellen is running across the yard. He's carried the shell shocked chickens back to the coop. He's got down deep in the bushes and pulled out that chicken hiding so deeply in among those branches that I couldn't reach her. The 2 in bad shape, he's carried to the empty layer house. He told me "its okay, you take care of Nevey", who was screaming for attention and food by this time. "Don't worry mom, I'll run and get them some straw and make them more comfortable. Snow didn't mean too, did he Mom?"

3. I look out the bathroom window, eyes still blurry in the early morning fog. What?! I'm suddenly awake, I see a white head bob up above the chicken yard fence. How in the world did he get in there! How could our protector dog become the predator? And, I want to cry. Or, maybe I'll just get angry.

4. We come home to check and make sure there have been no more shenanigans. The relief is huge. We give Snow lots of positive attention. We play fetch. I make sure to make him listen to my commands. He's a good dog.

I am thankful that all is good and thankful tonight that it has continued to be since the incidents. Thankful we still have 21 healthy ladies and little miss broken leg, poor thing.

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