Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Be Still My Heart

"Hey, Mom, I saw a falling star!"  He was so excited on our drive home tonight.

"You know you are suppose to make a wish, right?"  I asked him.

"And it will come true?" he asked incredulously.

"Hopefully," I answered simply without much thought.

"I wish that I will grow up to be a good person."  Said so thoughtfully and seriously.  "Do you think it will come true?" he asks.

Oh, be still my heart.  Could he be any sweeter?

"I'm pretty sure that wish is already coming true," I managed to choke out.  And all those nagging thoughts of maybe I shouldn't have, or maybe I should have, and how do I possibly know how to do this well, well they were far away.  Thank you, Kellen.

And, this lovely little girl sees the glowing sunset and runs out the door to go take it all in.  I can't help but follow her with the camera with my heart just bursting.  Watching her know how to take it all in and be thankful for the beauty.

And this third blessing, making my heart burst, even when she's in trouble because its all so amazing to watch her grow into a little girl, finding her words and making herself known to us.
This mothering, sometimes feeling like it will crush me sometimes, sure can make my heart overflow to bursting.


Angela said...

aw! so lovely!!

Sarina said...

Beautiful post, Janet. Especially Kellen's words...brought tears to my eyes. You have some sweet kids!