Friday, March 31, 2006


Here's Kellen when he was 5 days old. How much he has changed already! I began to realize that when we picked up our pictures last weekend (all 220 of them!) Then again at the wedding I had a overwhelming realization how fast he is going to grow up. Greg & Phoebe had a slide show of their lives and it reminded me of things we did growing up with the Ashby cousins and how it really wasn't that long ago...and now we are all growed up and having kids of our own. So I really enjoyed all the cuddles Kellen has given me this week, because soon he probably won't want to be around me! I've also enjoyed his new activities this week...when I coo and smile at him, he looks into my eyes and gives a big smile back! His other news to report is that he will now fall asleep on his own without be held or bounced. I can lay him in his bed and I'll hear him talk for awhile before he peacefully goes to sleep (okay, so it doesn't happen every time, but it does happen quite often now). So many good changes!

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