Friday, March 03, 2006

Regular clothes!

Kellen enjoyed sucking his finger like this for quite awhile. I thought it was pretty cute. he won't take a soother so maybe he will learn to suck on his finger to comfort himself.

As for the exciting news for today. I fit into my pre pregnancy jeans! I hadn't tried them on yet and was still wearing some maternity pants, I just didn't think they'd fit and was scared to even check. Well, I was surprised to find that everything in my closet that was hanging there for pretty much 6 months now can start coming out again. And it fits just as good as before!


Heimdahl said...

If you get him to use a soother you just have to wean him of it later ... Fingers are good and they seldom get lost.
I had hoped to come out at Spring Break for Grandpa's birthday but it just didn't work. We'll just have to wait till the summer (I hope) to see the angelic boy. I have some very angelic photos of Ian and Eric (a kind of fallen angelic look due to the red eye effect) I'll try to find them and send them.


Angela said...

WOW! You are amazing. Apart from the 20lbs I lost with Ivan's birth, I didn't start loosing weight after that until more than two months later. I was working out too and nothing was budging. It took me until my sister's visit at Easter and I tried on the pre preg jeans to discover that I had downsized enough to fit! (that since Oct.!) Way to go!