Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Too Many Thoughts

I couldn't decide what to write about when I sat down tonight. Partly because I'm too tired. (I really need to learn to take naps. I could hardly wake up to feed Kellen last night). I also don't know what to write about because so much has happen the last little while. We really enjoyed our trip to visit Jeff, Jenn, Kayla and Nolan, and Tim and Sarina were also visiting. It was a little scary to try a weekend trip, but nice to see how well it went. It was fun to see Kellen's cousins be excited about him. I enjoyed watching my brother put Kellen to sleep and how he slept soundly on his chest for hours. It was even good to have my sister tell me to chill and not worry about Kellen so much. I could also talk about going to Grandpa Cecil's 93rd birthday supper and how neat it was to have Kellen there. I could share how Kellen cried most of the time we were there and what that does to his poor mom. I'd like to share my conversation with Ian on the way home about how excited we are to see Kellen's personality and talents. So many moms I talk to say how they grow up too fast, but Ian and I figure we are excited for him to grow. We can't wait to interact with him, more than trying to figure out what he's trying to tell us with his cries. Not that I'm wishing this time away though! I could share about how strange it was that our wedding anniversary passed by almost unnoticed now that Kellen takes the spotlight in our house. I also could talk about the baby shower that J'nea hosted and how I was really touched by the thoughtful gifts and the presence of people there. I reflected that night on how nice it is to be excited with other people about Kellen and to know that he has a faithful community of people around him. I could comment on how trying to shop for a couple of hours reinforced to me just how much my life has changed. I had plans to visit 4 places which would have been easy to do in the old days. Well, I made it to 2 of the 4 before I ran out of time. Feedings and diaper changes in the middle of shopping really cuts down on actual shopping time. Today was one of those days where I got nothing done around the house (I even used my Mom's frozen lasagna since I never got time to make supper). When I mentioned that to Ian, he told me not to say that, I did an important job today...raising my son. Hmm, perspective, eh?

So, there is a quick look at a few of the hundreds of stories and thoughts I could share. Sorry for the rambling. Oh, yeah, the picture of Kayla with Kellen shows off the beautiful blanket that Kayla sewed for her cousin. I couldn't believe she really made it herself, what a talented girl! I was completely impressed.

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jenn with two n's said...

Keep up the ramblings--they're great! That talent that Kayla has is amazing--I don't think I could do that. I'm not too surprised: she came by her gift honestly...a family of talented people.