Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I was told by 2 people today that I needed to post, so here it goes even though its late. We had a really good time in Calgary for Greg & Phoebe's wedding. It's fun to see other people be excited about Kellen. The weekend went too fast though, I wish we had more time there. I think we wore Kellen out, he slept most of the day Monday when we got home. Travelling that far was a new adventure. I learned to feed him in many different situations. One thing we really enjoyed having and I think all parents should have when they travel is one of these handy-dandy mirrors. It straps on to the headrest and we had a perfect view of him. This was the good view, when he was sleeping!


pella said...

Ahhh - what a precious sleeping baby!

On the surface a travel mirror may appear super duper but watch out :)

J'nea said...

I never had one of those mirrows with my kids. I had never heard of them. Next time I will be sure to get one LOl. That should get rumors flying!

jenn with two n's said...

What a great idea...Ok now I need to know what Pella means by that.