Wednesday, March 01, 2006

One week old!

Here's one of the pictures from Kellen's One Week-Old Photo Shoot. He didn't give us many smiles, but I think this one is fun because it shows off his big hands. He is more alert during the days and we are happy that he goes back to sleep at night quite quickly after a feed. He is growing like a weed. Just an ounce shy of being 9 lbs the doctor told us today. It was his first outing. He did alright. It was Mom who had a hard time when he cried in his carseat. Tomorrow Ian is going to take his Mom down to Weyburn to go home. We thought about taking him and all going for lunch, but I'm still to chicken. I don't think I could handle it if he screamed in his carseat like he did today. Well, the day flew by again. Everyday seems like an hour to me. Time for Kellen's bath and hopefully a good long sleep to start the night off.


Ian MacLeod said...

My brother Archie is looking for plans for making a table out of wood. Any ideas, Ian?
Cousin Ian

J'nea said...

Wow, I never noticed how huge his hands were when I was holding him. The are pretty impressive!

Janet said...

You should talk to Michael Koops, he made a table for Sheena this Christmas.