Thursday, March 02, 2006

Our angel!?

Ian caught a smile of the angel. Today I'm not so sure he's an angel. Mary suggested that it may be the chocolate i ate yesterday and i'm beginning to wonder. he has rarely screamed like he has screamed today. i got tired of rocking him in the chair, so i came down here to try type and rock at the same time. the more violently i rock, the quieter he is. and if i stop he yells at me to start again. its getting tiring on my back.

anyhow the good news for today...we took an outing to weyburn and he did sleep in the car in spite of this being a fussy day so maybe he'll be a good traveller. he didn't do so well at lunch or at walmart. oh well. better get back to the rocking chair as this twisting rocking motion while i peck away is getting painful. i'll take the memory of this angelic picture with me so i don't get too discouraged


Maxine said...

Hi, Monica here, home for a visit... He sure looks like an angel! Very sweet. Are you missing the being bored part yet?
Can't wait to meet him!

Janet said...

First congrats on your big news. Ian and I were so excited to hear! I hope you have been feeling well. I haven't missed being bored yet, for all my complaints that I seem to post, the joy overrides the tough moments. I wouldn't ever give up Kellen to have a day to myself!