Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dress Up and Bath Time

I think the mommy is enjoying playing dress up more than the boy. He looks so cute in real clothes instead of sleepers all the time. He looks more like a little man with his furrowed brow when he wears real pants. We sure appreciate the clothes people have given him, and I think they are so cute. Thanks Jenn for the shirt and thanks Bill and Mary for these cute pants (I can't believe they fit him already!)

Mary, I didn't forgot your request for a pic of the bath tub. I tried to take one, but it was too hard to do that and keep one hand on him. It was nice to have Ian home for the weekend to help out. Right now I hear Kellen crying and I don't have to run to him!


jenn with two n's said...

Is that a bit of red hair I see? He looks so sharp! (I must say). Thank you for continuing to share your days with your boy.

J'nea said...

he looks so cute in big boy cloths. I hope you are getting a little more sleep.

Anonymous said...

Hey Janet- Wow what a sweetie! What did you feed him this week?? He looks so much older already. It was so great to spend time with you all last weekend, glad you came. The kids are still talking about him...
Baby Kellen.....waaaaah......bye-byes - that's a direct quote from one little man about the other.
You're doing a great job. Take care
Love from, the other Jenn with two n's