Friday, December 05, 2008

Fresh Snow

We woke up to fresh snow. Kellen of course wanted to make a snowman and couldn't grasp my explaination of why it wasn't the right kind of snow. In spite of the million "why's??" I enjoyed the feeling a new white world gives me. I love the freshness.

Our new life is feeling fresher all the time. We've all adjusted although I might not say we are all well adjusted. Lanelle is being a bum. She woke up when I went to bed last night at 11 and was up until 2am. I would have gladly given her away. Ian disappeared to the spare bed in the basement at about 11:30. I was up at 6:30 cutting the fresh bread from the breadmaker for Ian. I think I snarled something at him on my way back to bed when he asked if I'd buttered a piece of it for him. Some mornings I do better than others at getting up to have breakfast with him. Not even the smell of fresh bread made me want to stay awake and eat with him today. Hoping this might be one of the mornings the kids would sleep in a bit didn't help. About 2 minutes after I heard Ian leave, Kellen was awake. Two minutes after that, Lanelle was awake. I could have cried I wanted more sleep so badly. It's not the vision I had of our new life. I thought I'd be able to get more sleep. Taking turns with a sleepless baby. Yeah, right! A nice breakfast together every morning!?!

Of course, we should have it together by lunch time, right? Zucchini cream soup sounded good for lunch, but half way into it I realized I had no evaporated milk in the cupboard. Load up the kids to run to the store. Lanelle's grouchy when we get home. Can't seem to get the soup finished, trying to feed her, getting antsy knowing Ian will walk through the door soon. He makes enough of bitter comment about being hungry and just making himself a pb sandwich that I get frustrated. nice to all be together, eh?

But we do love our new life. We all think its wonderful. I guess the "perfect" picture I had is replaced by a more realistic one. And there wasn't too much pain involved. I see that the kids are responding very differently to Daddy. I sure enjoyed being able to run out to spin class at the gym last night. It was so nice to talk about the day in the hot tub last night and share stories about Kellen's antics and Lanelle's new things instead of me relaying them to Ian over the phone. Too many wonderful things to list them all. It's a good life.

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CraigandLeah inSouthKorea said...

janet - your new place looks really great! lots of good memories are gonna be made there. and i love how you are honest about your picture of 'real life'. it's not always rosey, but you are always loved!
we're gonna have to come and visit! take care over there.