Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More...of the upstairs

I love the big bathroom, but really can't wait to paint it...
You can tell it was built in the 70s. Nice mirror at the end of the hallway!

Some people around here have said to me, "doesn't that house have a small kitchen?" It seems huge to me and its more than adequate.

Someday I'll buy a sofa table and get the lamps up off the floor behind the couch.

Yes, there are empty cupboards and drawers!!


Anonymous said...

You house looks awesome! YOur kitchen is great. YOu know what? My kitchen is worse than the kitchen you used to have. I would LOVE a kitchen like yours, so spacious and room to cook and cupboards ~Very Nice.

Anonymous said...

So much space Janet! That's awesome! My kitchen is smaller than yours too. How's the yard? Is there a garden?

Laurie said...

WOW!!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!