Monday, December 08, 2008

Holiday Spirit Anyone?

I don't think I have much. I can't say that I'm excited. I'm thinking more about what needs to be done and all the things I haven't done yet. Our neighbours are giving us a hard time about being the only ones without lights on the house. My thoughts are more about the waste of power and the time to put them up. I really hate shopping, so that part of Christmas is hard for me. Is there something wrong with me? Do I have to like all those traditions to have holiday spirit? I don't want my kids to have memories of mom being grouchy.

I wish the holiday season was less about doing things and more about being. Wouldn't it be nice just to be able to look forward to being together with family? I'm going to try hard though to just look forward to the things I like about it. Mostly time with family. I hope my kids have great memories about time with family and cousins, like i did.

After Christmas, I hope I have more pictures like these... Ariana and Lanelle pulling out all Grandma'a towels.

This week I hope we get a tree set up and have fun memories from doing it. I hope I get some baking done and we can enjoy some Christmas music and hot chocolate with the fresh goodies. And I hope I get inspired and excited about the season. Even with the busyness and traditions, I hope I can teach my kids what Christmas is really about.


armacleod said...

I know how you feel. Mom and dad are leaving for Christmas to visit Angela so I'll be house sitting. If they don't get a tree up, I doubt there will be one there. I'm going to be spending Christmas with my sis Jenn. I love Christmas but I don't like to shop just like you. So I guess it will be a struggle to get in the spirit this year.

Anonymous said...

I have no christmas spirit either so you are not alone. I HATE shopping. I don't enjoy baking although I like to eat LOL. I don't like haveing ot decorate the house and clutter it up more than it i. I am dreading all the work. Even though I don't like the festive season I am still totally excited about life right now for other reasons.
The kids sure are excited about xmas. hopefully we get some snow for tobaganning.

Angela said...

I'm so with you- hate shopping too, especially when it's crowded and I'm trying to figure out what someone else would like. How am I to know? I don't even know what I like? But the kids had a blast putting up the tree and are excited about giving things to others. I too am most excited about just being together, as a family and with my mom and dad too. hanging out, playing games...

Anonymous said...

You must be my sister!

Anonymous said...

Finally someone who is not scared to tell it like it is. I also resent the fact that the christmas holiday season has become way to commercialized. I can't even watch my Flames play without being bombarded with advertising on what I "have" to buy for Christmas. Do think Jesus enjoys watching everyone falling off ladders and risking frostbite to get their Christmas lights on the house. Or maybe he always wanted to have his birthday remembered by people cutting down small trees, dragging them into their houses and then vacumning up all the needles that fall onto the carpet.--Yes, I have been accused of being a scrooge.

also from the same family

p.s. it will be fun to see you guys- Ariana and Lanelle will have fun together

Laurie said...

You know, I think different years I feel overwhelmed and different years I am excited! You are a busy mom....don't feel bad.

I have recently found a song by Amy Grant called "I need a Silent Night".....LOVE IT! And your thoughts made me think of it. If you can find it, have a listen!

Have fun.......:) And who cares if some of things don't get done!