Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It was a wild party...

Kellen had his preschool Christmas party last night. As you can tell from Lanelle's hair that must have been pretty crazy! They started the party at 5:30 at Echo Lodge and sang for the residents. Kellen did pretty good keeping up on some of the songs. Most of the other kids are 4, not 2. He at least showed his enthusiasm by clapping wildly after every song.

After the singing we moved next door for a big supper, Santa, goody bags, sugar cookies, candy canes, a magic show (that was amazing!), then cake (cause the kids weren't wild enough already, sheesh!), a family craft, and presents for the kids. I think it was almost 9 when we got home. Quite the party I thought for preschoolers. Ian and I pretty much did the craft on our own, since Kellen was busy running around in his crazed sugar state. We decorated a wire tree (lights and every kind of christmas decoration you could image) and were quite happy to hang it in our front window and light it up so now we are showing the neighbours that we do have some holiday spirit!

Thanks for all the comments on the previous "down on the holiday season" post. Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels that way sometimes and thanks for the encouragements! I haven't listened to the song yet Laurie, but I will look for it soon! Since we are almost done with the shopping, I feel much more excited about Christmas.

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