Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My wonderful singer

Kellen really loves to sing, but he doesn't like to perform on command. He let me video him so I thought I'd better share, cause he probably won't do it live for you. Sorry for the multiple videos, but I really couldn't pick. I thought they were all so great.

Singing "daddy's song" as he calls it. A folk song - whistling gypsy - in case you can't understand him.

This is part of his bedtime song that he calls the moon song. Sorry if you get dizzy when he proceeds onto "Bob," it made me dizzy.


Anonymous said...

I loved The Bob the Builder song best. I can't believe how good he can speak now. WOw, he has changed a ton since summer. Man I miss you guys. Hey can you email me your house address. I have a xmas card to send you.
YOu need to posta video of Lanelle too.

Crystal Quilliams said...

LOVED BOB the Builder! So much character and excitment. Too cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

Angela said...

the swinging was very sweet and precious and I was laughing through Bob the builder. I'll have to show the kids that one, and then release them to the great outdoors since I'm sure they will also want to tear around in circles!

Julia said...

Those are fantastic. He's grown so much!

jenn with two n's said...

Definitely Bob the Builder was a hit! I agree with J'nea about the new address (and hey J'nea while you're asking--I need yours too!)

Kellen--great performance. I'm glad your mommy caught it on video!

Ian said...

Kellen is so full of energy. What a great kid.