Friday, December 19, 2008

Tale from a technically challenged mom

So, I went to the bargain store in town tonight and it happened to be a midnight madness event. I picked this MP3 player up for a good deal I thought and then looked at reviews and going prices online to see if I actually wanted to keep it for the kids, and I thought I definately did. Kellen always wants one song repeated constantly when we are driving and I thought this would solve the problem. He can play it himself. Plus Lanelle loves to bounce whenever she hears any music and I always think I should play more music for them, which I thought this device would help with also... Anyhow, I forgot how technically challenged I am. To get this thing figured out, a song off a CD, into the right format and onto this #&$* thing took me 2 whole hours! I thought I'd have it filled with music over an hour ago. Now I'm so tired I'm going to bed, and I've only added ONE song. What was I thinking?? I know it should be simple, but I guess I'm super old fashioned. I like my music on a CD in my hand. I can handle that.

Anyhow, at least I finally have a Christmas present for Lanelle. Tomorrow I should be able to add more. I think I know what I'm doing now. Goodnight.

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