Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More...and the downstairs.

Down the hallway...3 rooms down there and a big furnace room/laundry room.
Don't bother making fun of our tiny tv. We've heard it all.

It's looks big and empty now, but it only takes a few minutes for the floor to be covered with toys.

So, we've got lots of room. Visit us anytime.

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Anonymous said...

Your house looks great Janet! I love an open feel as well! Your kids actually stay downstairs to play...mine just bring up toys and play where ever I happen to be!
I also hear you on the needing to be more realistic with your expectations and just living where you are at, now, and enjoying those kids! It is very hard sometimes to remember that when frustration sets in, but you will all feel much better if you can just relax (and get Kellen to ease up on the why's - which I unfortunately have now advice on how to do!!) Although I do remember telling Mason that he could ask me WHY? only 5 times on the trip to somewhere we were going and he really had to be careful with what he asked as once the limit was up, I would not answer!!
Take care!