Monday, November 28, 2011

hello, sanity?

Feeling a little insane around here lately.  I suppose that's not so strange at this stage of life.  But, I would really appreciate a little more calmness and a little less chaos.  I really don't enjoy always feeling behind on all the things I'd like to accomplish or have time for.  I realized last night that finding sanity isn't necessarily in managing to check something off the to-do list.  Because the laundry still needed to be done, the floors desparately needed a cleaning, and the supper dishes were still sitting dirty at the table.  But, I felt more sane after sitting and doing a puzzle with Lanelle.  We had fun.  We laughed.  We praised each other.  She told me several times when I suggested a piece and she discovered that it fit - "Yes, you were definately right."  And she was trying so hard to use a big word fluidly in her little cartoon voice.  Oh, she made me smile.

And I'm glad I just remembered that lesson.  Because I googled the phrase "how to get rid of chaos".  I thought it would be interesting to see what came up.  Even though I pretty much knew what to expect.  Although I expected it, I still almost got sucked into the list of 74 things to do to simplify and take control of you life.  They did look like great ideas. I think they should have stopped at #1.  Write down the 4 more important things in your life.  If I tried to accomplish all their tasks, I would not have time for the 4 most important things in my life.

Yea for skipping over the long list of organizational tasks.  Because if I attempted it, I might really be insane.  Perhaps as was discussed at knitting club the other morning, I should start writing "Already Done Lists."  I'm sure I'd feel much better about my day.  Today would include:  taking the kids skating (which took up the whole morning and did not involve a whole lot of sanity), making the best creamy tomato spinach pasta, washing the floor, doing a puzzle, reading Geronimo Stilton (for the boys reading interest), cleaning up play-doh and puzzles, folding and putting away 2 loads of laundry, making a supper stirfry, dancing with a baby and her music box...  Yes, I'm feeling better now.

Appreciating precious moments, making already done lists, and taking the time to reframe things.  I'm feeling more joyful than when I sat down here.

And late at night by myself I might remember to appreciate simple gifts in life, like how beautiful a clean kitchen is and how lovely some stiches are.


Davis Family said...

When I make a to do list I always put the small tasks that I take for granted. Things like take Gavin to school, lunch for kids etc. It is shocking how much you do, in addition to the playing and special time, but you take it for granted. It becomes second nature. Having said that, my floors are rather desperate and I may need to buckle and clean them today! Shoot!!!

sheena said...

Hey, Janet. This is exactly what I mean. This is a great December "article". Thank you for sharing. I'm just thinking about my "Already Done List" even as I type :)

sheena said...

Hey, Janet. This is exactly what I mean. This is a great December "article". Thank you for sharing. I'm just thinking about my "Already Done List" even as I type :)