Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Reflections of More

***Okay, be warned, this is random and I'm sure disorganized, but it spewed out and now its time to run to do Kindergarten pick up.  No editing has been done or will be done.  My apologies.  Hope you follow :)

I'm trying to fold the mountain of clean laundry, but really its not feeling so fun.  I'm feeling inspired to greater things. To being an answer.  Thanks, Janelle for the opportunity to reflect.  Reality seems though that I will just do more dishes, diapers, cleaning, dealing (or is it disciplining, sometimes I'm not even sure)...  So why dream about a life of more?  I know there are glimpses.  Sometimes as simple as
a new finished project!
 Or sometimes when we don't worry about pumpking carving or costumes when that's what is on the agenda and instead we take a bike ride to the beach.  Because it was requested to have a picnic and it may be the last one of the season.


And then the Dad that said no thanks to the cold and windy beach, decided he might be missing out.  The excitement when he comes brings smiles all around.
And the little corner gets something a little seasonal added.  And owls are involved.

Then I remember that we may be experiencing the more.

And, I'm not really that stuck, because I am reaching and learning and being awakened.

The new book arrived and I'm picking which one I want to knit first.  I'll have to resist buying another book, but this may have the absolute cutest patterns I've ever seen.

We may have not put in much effort on the costumes, but they got out and had fun in the end.  Ironman almost wouldn't wear the costume and I think the negativity from this boy might drive me mad.  I've started searching for ideas on how to deal with a child's constant negativity.  I might try this book. 

I think being an answer in the world right now, is to search harder and to pray harder about how to raise this boy to be stronger than he knows he can be.  I know it will take courage to shake off the frustration of it and do it will more grace.  Oh that reminds me of this article, about being a Velveteen Mother that made my heart grow and my eyes moist.

I'm learning to accept that I can't control him (but I WILL learn to work with him).  However, I've decided its time to take control of this room.  There's inspiration, but the difficulty in even getting into this room seems to end the ideas before they've been able to bloom.  It was yesterday's and today's and probably tomorrow's project.  Although the work in here has begun, the interuptions are many and progress in slow.  That's okay because we are moving forward and we are experiencing more.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and thoughts. I loved the Velveteen Mother article,made me cry and reminded me of who I need to be. Love you, sarah cleveland