Monday, November 14, 2011

Random bits.

It's really a new season around here, the snow seems to change the feel of things quickly.  I think my autumn decorations arrived to late, and its time to think winter.  Blah, blah.Ha,  I don't feel I have a lot of purpose here at this moment.  This day just is.  Not feeling so inspired, just getting by today :)  But I want to make Mary happy! :) (so you better leave a comment for me, please!)

Sometimes when I sit down to eat, the colors just catch my eye and I feel I have to take a picture.  I haven't really thought it that odd, until we had a friend of Kellen's over.  The super puzzled look on his face when he asked me what I was doing made me laugh.  Mostly at myself.  I guess it is a little strange.
And he didn't really like my feta spinach salad, salmon with maple sauce, or oven baked red pepper risotto.  I thought it was delicious and beautiful.
I took this picture when I was alone :P  The smell of the drying sage caught my attention.  Wish a picture could capture the smell of this.

Free preschool skate times have started up again.  We've only taken advantage of it once so far, but the kids loved it so much.  They surprised me how they just picked up from where they were at last year.  Made me only mildly guilty to see Kellen having so much fun and realizing he might love hockey...Anyhow, reminds me I'd better sign him up for skiing right away.
New haircuts and they love them.  Kellen never wants long hair again he tells me.  And he also told me how he loves that his hair doesn't even move and get in his eyes when they do gym warm-up songs!
New look of my landing.  Sigh, a big thing winter brings that I could do without.  Not a fan of the pile of stuff, WET stuff.
New place I find Kellen playing Lego (and where I also find myself stepping ont it!)  Smart boy found a place where the baby can't bother him. Ha!
Same old place I find Lanelle.  Doing puzzles.  New to her footed pajamas found in a hand-me-down bag were worn for 24 hours straight by her, she is in love.  And loves to tell me about how each "piece" is attached to each other.  The socks, the shirt, and the pants!
\Thrifted Star Wars puzzle I picked up for Kellen.  Always done by Lanelle, but enjoyed by Kellen.  Found this on my camera and wouldn't have know who had taken it, but the feet gave it away :)
Neve is diving into new foods and textures these days.  Even the amount is changing quickly.  She's ready to eat and she's letting me know it!

There's some random bits and bites of our life.  Hope YOU are having an inspired day!


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should hide my comment from the Sister-Triangle-Police, because I am actually in the middle of writing something, but thought, "Maybe I should check the girls' blogs!"
When I am reading your blog, Bill usually comes to see what I'm laughing about.
What wonderful children you have!Looking forward to seeing you at Barrage, if not before
Love, mary

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog too. I wish I could come and get that knitting lesson and to eat your yummy food (ha). Maybe it't time to post more recipes :) love crystal

sheena said...

I think this would also make an article, if we just drew some of the pictures with words... beautiful words, Janet, beautiful living.