Saturday, November 05, 2011

Not Me.

I think I used to see blog posts being written with the title Not Me Mondays.  Maybe?  I don't remember.  But at lunch today, I found a Not Me Saturday story unfolding in my head.

It was definately not me who rechecked her 3 year-olds head first thing out of bed this morning to see a louse.  Hmm, that would mean there are probably lice.  No, it was not me who wanted to cry.  If I were faced with the situation, I would surely cancel my morning plans.  But, I was not the one in the situation, right?  I would not have thrown pillows into the dryer, sheets and blankets into the washer, and my daughter into the tub, while dousing her hair in R&C.  Or call my running friend to postpone the run time by 15 minutes.  I would not talk most of the run about lice, because surely I know there are better things to talk about.

In such a situation I would not return home, with 30 minutes to eat, change loads of laundry, shower, and nurse baby, to run out the door again...because of a knitting club meeting.  Knitting club, pfff, not me!  I'm not a grandma.  I would not be able to forget about a crisis while sharing about knitting patterns, yarn shops, working colors, tension.  I would not return home 2 hours later, with a huge smile on my face over the plan to each make the Lotus Bag.  No, no, I'm sure knitting could not make me walk with an extra bounce in my step.  I am cool.

And if I found myself having lunch alone with my baby after I arrived home.  I'm sure I would not make myself a child's favorite lunch.  Noooo, I would not make myself a grilled cheese sandwich.  And I would not reach for ketchup.  I am not a child.  And, if I had seen a cheap bottle of wine in the door of my fridge, left there from trying a pasta sauce recipe the other week, I am sure I would not pour myself a glass.  I have great taste in food.  I would not have the cheapest wine ever, grilled cheese sandwich and ketchup for lunch, dreaming of knitting and cursing lice.  I am really not that strange and pitiful.


Angela said...

hahahaha! I still think you're a classy lady and sorry about the lice ;( hope they become a non issue very soon.

Davis Family said...

I sure hope it was you. Cause that is way more interesting than the not me version. And by the way you are WAY COOL.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome. Love every part of you! But oh the lice would stink, sorry about that. Keep calm and knit on ;-)

Sarina said...

Oh Janet, I'm sorry the lice are not gone yet! (I hope that was the end of that) What a great sense of humour despite it all though! Thanks for inspiring me with your wit & wisdom when you blog.